Unified Communications (UCaaS) / Hosted VoIP


What is it?

Unified Communications (UCaaS)/ Hosted VoIP is 

technology aimed at greatly improving employee collaboration and communication.

Our Best In-Class providers ensure no downtime with strategically placed data centers nationwide.

UCaaS refers to a phone system that uses Voice over Internet Protocol to provide a Cloud based phone system for businesses. 


In many cases this service is provided by a network service provider as part of an overall network solution.  However, this service may also be provided as a stand-alone product overriding another providers internet connection.  

Cloud Based System vs. Premium Based System

With a new Hosted voice solution no more large upfront costs for new phones, we'll get those to you for free, or for some higher end models, a small fixed monthly cost.


Enjoy unlimited flexibility as access to "seats" are typically purchased on a monthly basis and can scale up and down as needed.

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